Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just call me sucker

Well I went to the Kindergarten Orientation for Drew tonight. I was talking to a teacher about the fact that Drew had an older brother so I had been thru a lot of this before. I had just given her my sheet of what I could volunteer for within the class. Little did I know that the PTA President was standing next to me. Ms. Mack (the teacher) quickly introduced me to Carrie (the President) the next thing I knew I was PTA Treasurer, Co Chair for Casino night and heading up the Wrapping paper sales.

The only thing is - CA has very specific rules for class sizes and Drew is currently in the overflow at our home school. The Principal - Stacy ( yes I am now on a first name basis with her too now) told me she was hopeful that Drew would be staying at that school. There had actually been a drop or 2 so things look good.

Been planning our Excursion to Disney land for Christmas but that is for another post.


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