Monday, July 21, 2008


No get your mind out of the gutter. This is about my sister.

There is something amazing about her that I really admire. Yes I know we don't always see eye to eye and have some major differences but she really is a unique person.

We don't talk very often. She busy with her career and me being a mom. But there is one thing about Amie that makes her so special. Everything she does in her life she does with such passion. It is really amazing. Even when she was a kid that passion - almost drive - was there. First it was all about dinosaurs. She could name them all what they ate, when they lived etc. Then as a teen it was the Monkees. She had first addtion albums, knew people on their staff by name, heck I think she knew them better than her own family.

She decided to get in shape. But her passion drove her to become a personal trainer. She teaches a spin class and actually pays someone to put her thru boot camp so she stays fit. AMAZING.

For a couple years now she has really been into NASCAR. Her fave driver is Carl Edwards. She got the ulitmate reward for a fan Saturday. She got to be in Victory Lane when Carl Edwards won some race. Sorry I don't know what the race was but I think it was in St. Louis. She showed me pictures of her standing next to Carl on the victory stand. I won't post them as I don't have her permission. The look in her eye shows her passion for a sport I know nothing about. I just know she looks very happy and isn't that what having a passion is all about?



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Elaine said...

I remember the Monkees phase! My sister was totally into them too (probably because of amie), which meant every morning - all summer long - we watched them on reruns on TV. I think their theme song is still stuck in my head from that summer.