Friday, July 18, 2008


We wanted to have some family time since Phil leaves Sunday AM (before my eyelids will be open). We decided to go to a movie and dinner. What movie to see? This can be a very hard choice given the ages of those attending. Phil and I both wanted to see Dark Knight. (obviously not with Drew) I then suggested Get Smart. Scott didn't think Drew would enjoy it. I logged into Fandango and saw the only movie suitalbe for all ages - SPACE CHIMPS. Boy that sounded like a real winner. You can only imagine the complaining come out of my 19 year olds mouth. Well we went. Want to know who laughed the loudest? You guessed it - Phil., Scott was a close second. The reviews were not great on the 'net so I went in cautious. It was a cute movie. If it can make a 19 year old laugh hysterically then there must be something in it for all ages. Don't expect an Oscar for this one but it is a good family film.


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