Friday, July 11, 2008

nothing special

Well the furniture is in, (never use Mayflower moving - at least the All American Moving franchise)
We have phone, cable and internet - much to Phil's delight. Even Drew is relieved to be connected again. I am still trying to get the little piles of stuff that I don't know what to do with picked up.

We leave for San Francisco in the AM - we are spending the night. Got a great deal thru priceline on the Grand Hyatt. Wish we could stay 2 nights but just not in the cards right now. Phil is really looking forward to this trip So am I if you want to know the truth.

Scott came home last night and told me that one of his collegue's sibling is an exec with the Monterey Aquarium and when we decide to go he will make arrangements for Drew to get to do all the VIP backstage stuff.

We are not near the fires but the smoke is wrecking havoc on all of us. It looks like a Kansas fall day that could rain any minute but it is really smoke and ash from the fires up north. Yesterday on the news they said our air quality was worse than Bejing. GREAT!!!!! Phil is really feeling the effects.

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust


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