Monday, February 02, 2009


I am exhausted so this will be short. I am going to bed. We are looking at worse case here. He will have surgery tomorrow morning. they will realign his jaw and then wire it shut for 2-4 weeks. He may have to go back in braces to finish correcting the cross bite that has occurred.

I thank my lucky stars for the people in Topeka. From Dr. Kevin Cassidy, my old friend, who got the ball rolling on getting him to the correct doctors to Dr. Baker who will performing the surgery tomorrow to Mike, Brooke, Peg, and Carol who have all stepped up to take care of him since I can't. Phil wont' fuss with Brooke and so I know I will have my way and that she will look out for him.

Right now I am hitting a brick wall and am totally exhausted. So I will update tomorrow after surgery.

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