Tuesday, February 03, 2009

update on the teenager

Well, he made it thru surgery just fine. His jaw is wired shut for the next 4 weeks or so. May be up to 6. Just depends on how well it heals.

The problem is - as with all teenagers - he thinks he knows that is best. The doc said he must be under ADULT supervision until Sunday. So he is at his grandparents house. He is not to go to school until Monday so I emailed his teachers telling them what was going on. He is bound and determined to try and go to school tomorrow afternoon. His bio teacher agrees he has no business at school. I am waiting to hear from the rest. I told him he was at his grandparents house with out wheels for a reason. He tried to tell me he would have one of the guys at the frat come get him. Mike was not impressed with that news and finally set Phil strait as to how it was going to be. Period.

He is lucky so many people care about him and are willing to drop everything to help him and take care of him. When I talked to Peg she said he was sleeping and seem resigned to his fate - at least for now. She figures if he starts to feel better he may try to negotiate a few hours of parole.

I guess that will depend on the warden on call.

Thanks for the prayers and emails.


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Campbell said...

If I ever heard of a case of "acceptable use of duct tape and velcro" it is now with Phil...I know a cop who loves to inflict a little torture???