Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hate being responsible

I HATE being a responsible adult. I hate doing the right thing. But being a responsible adult and trying to set a good example for my kids.

I just canceled both of our trips to Disney. It wasn't that we couldn't afford them I just didn't want to given the current state of the economy.

I found a wonderful deal in Reno for Feb 19-22. total room cost for 3 nights 130.00 Then for Drew to take a ski lesson or two will be about 100.00. The hotel is offering credits for the casino as well as the midway and dining credits. So we will do that and it will be cheaper. Disney for 3 days ticets alone were going to be 450.00. Drew had no idea so we don't have to worry about him being disappointed.

We also decided that instead of flying to Florida for Christmas it would be fiscally more responsible to go to Anaheim. We can do LegoLand, Universal, etc and it will still be cheaper that Disney. And we don't have to pay airfare.

I just have to take my pixie dust in different ways given the economic climate.

Always remember there is pixie dust you just may have to look a little harder sometimes for it.


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Ginger said...

awww...I'm sorry, Cathy. I know that was a tough decision for you to have to make, but your big trip will come back around. {hugs}