Friday, February 13, 2009


Let me introduce you to Frank. Frank is my friend. He is a sheep that lives at my favorite yarn shop in Elk Grove. Frank likes to travel. Frank has a big family. Frank will travel and blog about his trip. While he is gone on his excursions his family will fill in. His family is quite unique. There is Percy the Pink Llama, best friends Ebony and Ivory, Frankie the little sister, Teresa (Teri) and her son Rodney, Violet the baby of the family. There are others who will check in from time to time as well.

Frank already has plans to go to Reno next week, Disney in March, 2 cruises in April, Kansas - we hope in June.

Please follow Frank on his escapades and meet his family. If you ever find yourself in Elk Grove California - stop by the Yarn Shoppe, knit a spell, and meet Frank, his family and friends.


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Hudson the Knit Dog said...

Frank, Hudson here, dude, we have to talk, you get to travel, I want to travel, how come you get to travel?