Monday, February 02, 2009

damaged jaws and good friends

I am sitting here waiting to hear from Phil. It the fraternity annual "funk bowl" a fraternity brother took Phil out.

Now the funk bowl is a all out contact tackle football game that is held every year on Superbowl Sunday. There are no helmets or pads for this game. Just "brotherly love" fight to the death leave 'em bleeding football.

Phil called and said Mike was taking him to the minor med because he might have a broken jaw. The docs at minor med did an xray but couldn't see anything. Sent him home with pain pills and orders to call in the morning if not better. Said htey would get him into an ENT?!?!?!

Fast forward to this morning...

He calls and says that he is going for a panoramic xray. They still see nothing but Phil tells me that his bite is off by about 1/4".

I do the only thing I can think of. I call my old friend and Phil's orthodontist from many moons ago. I tell the receptionist my problem. They get Phil in within the hour.

From what I was able to tell from Phil's gritted teeth talk, Kevin took one look, had Phil attempt to bite down and said you need an oral surgeon.

He tried to call the ones where Phil was seen yesterday, but they were all at lunch. So KEvin sent Phil to a new guy in town. HE took one look at phil and got on the phone with Tallgrass and started yelling about how poor their treatment was and why the HE@@ were they trying to get him to an ENT when his nose wasn't broken and his throat wasn't collapsed. This doc tells Tall Grass that they need to have their oral surgeon look at him PDQ. He sends phil to the fraternaity to wait for a call. The oral surgeon from Tall Grass then passes him off to a Dr. Zeller who Phil is currently waiting to see.

Best possible scenario - reset jaw and wire shut for a few days
Worst case scenario - surgery and wire shut for a few weeks????
Either way he is going to drop the weight he wants.

I will update as situation warrents.

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