Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pixie dust comes alive

I looked at Scott yesterday and said we need to escape. It has been a long few months. With my gall bladder surgery and then everything that happened with Scott. I need to re energize.

So off to the phone I go. I manage to get a room on points at the sheraton across from Disney. I got reservatins for valentine's night at Goofy's kitchen. All set to go.


Freinds at the yarn shop told me that we were going President's weekend and that is the absolutely worst weekend to go. Every kid in SoCal will be there as well hs half the kids from NoCal. It is a 3 day weekend so lots of parents head there for the long weekend - rookie resident mistake.


We look at the calendar and realize that Saturday Feb 14 is the start of the of the Tour of California. We have both been looking forward to it. Scott used to race against some of the competitors when he was a kid. Plus a chance to see Lance Armstrong race is a huge pull.

Since he agreed to go to Disney for a weekend the least I can do is move our weekend. So I have changed out dates we not go Feb 19-22. I have to make reservations for goofys kitchen again.

So the plan is that while Drew is at school I will pack overnight bags and leave them in the garage. Scott is leaving work early and when he gets home he will put the bags in the trunk. This way Drew won't know. Then we will load up and head out. I have had many people tell me times to get to anaheim range from 5 hours to 7 hours. Who knows.

I am really looking forward to getting away for a few days.

Here's to a magical weekend with a very generous helping of Pixie dust.


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