Friday, January 30, 2009

Maybe Mom does know something.

I have mentioned is several posts about a girl Phil likes. He has wanted to date her but he was following the advice of the guys in the frat. Big mistake. DO you know what happens when 30+ 20 something guys live together. There is a fear of showing their caring side. Even to the opposite sex.

All Thru Christmas I kept hearing about this young lady. Phil had it bad. He would text her on a continual basis - thang goodness for unlimited texting plans. She would drive him crazy. Anyway, Phil had been following the advice of his frat brothers. They were telling him to be standoffish -and to "just make your move already" He was getting nowhere with her.

The other day he was in a really bad mood. He even took it out me which Scott agreed was unusual. I texted him and told him it was time for tough love. I asked why he was letting everyone else dictate how he persued this girl. Obviously what the guys in the house were telling him weren't getting him anywhere.

He called last night. I get "thanks mom" I am perplexed.

He said " I decided to be myself and do what I knew was right" I am more perplexed.

HE said "you raised me right" OK chalk one up for mom but what the heck are you talking about?

He said " I am not macho and uncaring." OK I agree

He said "I went to the florist and sent XXXX 2 yellow roses yesterday"

HE HAD BEEN LISTENING after all. Years of drilling into him how to treat a girl had paid off.

He is the talk of the young lady's sorority house.

Mom 1 frat brothers 0 (at least in how to treat a lady.)

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