Sunday, January 18, 2009

He is back in Kansas Toto

Well, Phil left today. It is funny. When he is here it is like he was never gone. The family dynamic switches back to include him and make him part of the nuclear family. But as soon as he is gone, we go back almost instantly to a family of 3. While there is a hole that he always leaves when he is not with us, it isn't like we don't have our roles. Not sure if I am making myself clear.

I had a friend tell me that by going back to that nuclear family, I was not allowing him to grow and find his own way. I disagree. To me, even tho he is on his own he still needs some guidance. Heck there are times I need guidance from my dad. I don't think parenting ever stops. It just grows and changes as the child grows and changes. My role is no longer disciplinarian, keeper of the car keys, checking to make sure he washes and brushes his teeth. I am more of a guider as he gets older. I talk more and listen more. I try to respect his opinion and his choices. He is at the age that I have become very dumb. He knows it all. He has is world opinion - from his limited world view. It will change as he grows. I hope.

I know I did something right. We were at the mall and Drew handed me a bag to carry. I took it. Phil took it from me and explained to Drew that men should always carry bags for women because it is polite. Where did that come from?

He is back in Topeka. Mike and Brooke picked him up this evening. He wsa going directly to Lisa's to see Kennedy. That is Meghan's daughter. Meghan is Phil's cousin who is 4 months younger than him. Trent's sister. Someday I need to figure out how to put a family tree on here. LOL. Phil loves Kennedy - Kenny for short. she is almost 3. WOW that is hard to believe. She adores Phil. They have a very special relationship. Then he was headed to the fraternity. He had a meeting with a certain girl.

I am still knitting away. I have taken a break from the blue sweater. I don't understand the next section of instructions so I need to pop into the yarn shop this week for clarification. I have been working on the sleeve of the gray sweater. Today it looked more lavender. I really need something brainless tonight so i think I will work on my wrap for a while. It has been neglected lately. I am hoping that the pattern for the Bravo bag gets here this week. I am DYING to work on it.

Here is to massive Faith with the inaguration of a new President this week. May God protect him and provide him the wisdom to lead us to a better country and world.


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