Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glorious day

What a day. I got to watch history in the making. Watching President Obama get sworn in was amazing. Even if the Chief Justice messed it up a little. I loved Mrs. Obama's dress for the swearing in. The color seemed to scream SPRING. And to me spring brings hope renewed. Ant that is where we are at today. Today we are at a wonderful cross road where hope is renewed and it springs eternal in the hearts of people everywhere. I loved watching one of the daughters with her camera taking pictures of the crowd. This had to be an amazing day for them to.

I did feel sorry for the dignitaries in the stands. When I saw Mohammad Ali come in almost 2 hours before the ceremony started my thought was - I hope someone put hand toasties in his pockets. It had to be uncomfortable sitting in those folding chairs for so long. Who's brilliant idea was it to have this thing in January? I vote we move it to April.

I was glad I was watching the ceremonies from the comfort of my warm house. I had a much better view than the million people freezing their tush off and not being able to see anything.

I missed Beyonce tonight singing "At Last" while the first couple danced. I am sure I will catch a repeat. I am no fashion guru but I thought white tie went only with tails. I was vey surprised to see the President in a white tie and short coat this evening. But what do I know?

I do know that I wish Mr. Obama 4 years of Faith Trust and lots of pixie dust to get us back on track and show the world what America is really all about.

Stay warm my Kansas Friends. And send an umbrella, I am going to need it this week.


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Ginger said...

I didn't watch a minute of it. That's just not my thing, I guess. History or not. Glad you enjoyed it. There was nothing else on to watch! Thank God for DVR!