Saturday, January 17, 2009


First I know I am boring everyone with my knitting updates. But sorry. for any crafty people out there - esp knitters there is a new website to check out. If you WOOT , this is the knitters version. It is called Dizzy Sheep It is brand new, been around since Novemberish. I just ordered a couple "bags o knit" from there. I will let you know what is in it.

Phil leaves tomorrow. Mixed emotions on that. It has been a good visit but he is anxious to get back and that is adding a little tension. You see, there is this girl, and she is looking for her Superman, and Phil thinks he can be her Superman since she is counting down the days until he gets back. Enough said.

Drew had the last of this series of tests. He had an ambulatroy EEG for the past 24 hours. The tech who removed the wires this morning told me that Drew's neurologist was in teh hosptial waiting for it to be downloaded because he wanted to see it. WE don't have an appt until mid March for follow up. The tech did tell me he would relay that to Dr. Chez because that seemed like a long time to wait. I know the Fragile X came back normal. I don't know anything about the Chromosomal studies. The spine xray didn't show anything except a buldging disk. Nto sure what the Brain MRI showed. The thyroid, and celiac are normal. Hopefully we will here something soon. That way we can start something.

I am knitting like mad. My fibro is acting up. But what is new about that. I saw my GP last week and didn't like who the Rheumotologist sent me to so she has a new Rheumotologist to send me to. They will be upping my Lyrica again this week.

Scott is back at it. Even with all that time off for his illness he was in the top 10 billers for the year for the company. - before the surgery and recup he was in the top 3. I keep telling him he is a work a holic. There are some changes in the company coming down the pike. We are just waiting to see what it means for Scott. We don't anticipate another move. They would have to take me kicking and screaming. So we just sit and wait for the announcements right now...

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