Thursday, November 06, 2008

On the mend

I can't thank Mary Lou and my dad for coming out at different times to help during the emergency with Scott. They have both been a lifesaver. I wish my dad could stay longer because I am really having fun having him here.

Scott is on the mend. He is up more. Still sleeping down stairs but at least he is now cooking his own breakfast and today he cleaned the counters in the kitchen. Monday he will officially start working from home up to 20 hours a week. He sees the doc on the 14th and will probably be cleared to work 40 hours from home at that point.

Phil is telling his cousins his decision tonight. He seems to believe this is the best for him. I know this is a very hard decision for him. He will be leaving Topeka on December 20th so he should be here by Christmas Eve- depending on the weather.


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