Wednesday, November 05, 2008

never ceases to amaze me

You would think by 19, almost 20 that Phil would be old hat and he wouldn't surprise me. WRONGO BUFFALO!!!!!

I get a text this AM saying he missed doing math and science. So I tell him to take them. He then calls and says Mom, what have I always wanted to do. I said be a doctor. He said yes and I can't do that here. There are too many temptations in the Frat. I can't study the way he needs and he realized he was taking the easy way out by going into Criminal Justice. He has asked to come here and go to the community college and then transfer to Sac State next year. For the time being he will live at home. He has made contact with the Sig Ep chapter at SacState and they have invited him to hang with them.

Not sure if this will really happen but I personally think it will be good for him. He talks about the promises he made to Grammy and Trent. He wants to save lives. He knows to be Dr. Phil he will have to sacrfice. It will really bother him to leave the frat but he can go back and visit and from what I ahve already heard I will have the Sig Ep house sleeping in my bonus room over spring break.

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