Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another first

This is such a historic day. Tonight we will have the first African American president or the first woman VP. I personally am hoping for the first. But no matter, Americans are turning out in record numbers to cast votes.

Do you remember the first time you voted in a Presidential election? How did it feel as you were waiting in line? What about after you turned your paper or flipped that switch? did you go to a watch party to wait out the returns? Or did you just skip it all and not care?

Today in my life is another first. Phil is old enough to cast his ballot. It doesn't seem possible. I remember in Florida when we lived there. They had ballots for kids - names like George Washington, John Adams adorned the kids ballots. But it gave them a sense of pride that they were being treated as adults.

Today, Phil will walk into a polling place and cast a ballot. he will have the opportunity for the first time in his adult life to voice his opinion on how he wants the country run. He will get to have a voice in the direction of what happens in the future.

I hope he understands that this is a fundamental cornerstone of our country. I hope he takes it seriously.

This just in. As I was typing this he called and had voted. "performed his civic duty" as he called it. five minute wait in Topeka kansas as of 11:45AM.

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