Thursday, November 20, 2008

conformity or Puff the Magic Dragon needs to live

Well today was volunteer day. Chaos reigned. I actually got kind of ticked at the morning teacher. One thing I love about kids is how they think out side the box. This teacher seems to believe in kindergarten conformity. She told all the kids that their turkeys must be brown with red gobbles. There were to be no purple turkeys because that is not how turkeys look. Hello!?!?!!? Who says there are no purple turkeys - maybe they havne't been seen yet. She also took the feathers off of one little girls turkey because she put them on the bottom of the bird and not on the sides. Turkeys have feathers all over not just on the sides. I was really upset that this teacher had the gall to take a childs special creation which she was proud of and turn it into something that was not an expression of the childs own creativity. Kids have lots of time to conform to the norms that are enforced on them. I for one want to be a purple cow.

I introduced Drew to the world of Puff the Magic Dragon today. It has quickly become a fave song. I think that is my rebellion against the kindergarten teacher who believes in only brown turkeys. Life is too much like Puff these days and Puff is abandoned way to early in my opinion.

These are the special papers that parents like to keep. They show how a child thought outside the box. If every one believed that all turkeys were brown the world would have been robbed of the likes of Andy Warhol, Bach, Picasso, Maya Angelou, Einstein etc. And what a blah world that would be.


amie said...

Turkeys are actually black and some green much you wanna bet she has never seen a live turkey?

The Dukes said...

I don't know how you didn't rip her a new one or at least turn to the girl and say "I'll keep my fingers crossed that next year you get a more flexible, supportive teacher..."

Cathy said...

Easy, She has a thing against boys and Drew already feels like she hates him so I didn't want to fuel the fire.

Campbell said...

Well, if you substitute monkeys for turkeys, you would have just described the day that my sister in law, Kathy, the Art Therapist and current professor of Family Studies at Kent State University, had with my Ian in kindergarten. Kathy was about to rip Mrs. Black a purple something, that's for certain.

Go mama...and take no prisoners!

Miriam said...

Just remember the place where he got to make whatever he wanted artwise. And he did very well! Tell him hello for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!