Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scott finally gave up - or I won depending on whose view you take.

When Scott and I first got married he didn't understand my love of Christmas. He has gotten better about going along. He has steadfastly refused to allow anything to go up before the Friday after Thanksgiving but this year....

I have been itching for a bit of Christmas cheer. I teased my friend Sarah (check out Dukes of Lawrence blog) that she had her tree up. Then my friend Anna who owns my fave yarn shop here in Sacramento told me here tree was up. I posed the question WHY?!?!?! to both women and Sarah said "because Christmas lives in her heart year round and there is no reason not to celebrate as long as possible" Anna was a little more down to earth in her response of "it just seems silly to go to all that work just to take it down in 3 weeks." They are both right. So today....

I got the mantle decorated. It is the first time I had a mantle to hand our Christmas stocking on. Pictures will be posted soon. I have the Christmas boxes out and have been sorting thru them. WOW I have lots of stuff. I know I am missing some boxes that are at Mary Lou's. Drew has been checking out the new Advent calendar. He is ready for the countdown to begin.

Part of me wanted to wait till Phil got here December 12. But I realized that was not fair to Drew. He needs the traditions carried on. Phil had his years and now it is Drew's turn. Phil is thankful not to be here this year for the decorating and is happy to pass on the responsibility to Drew. So this year Phil will not get the joy of putting it all but but he will get the task of taking it all down.

Hey you win some, you lose some. Sorry boys.

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The Dukes said...

Good for you! You say it so well- that you were craving Christmas cheer! Christmas cheer isn't a bad thing, no reason to deny yourself! PLUS! The decorations and festive atmosphere are part of the good in Christmas- those things aren't harried and aren't materialistic or obligatory. If there are boxes of things in your storage that will bring a smile to your face (and your kindergartner's face!) daily- bust them out!

As for Phil, nothing will feel more like home to him than to walk in the door and see those familiar decorations that he's helped with and watched accumulate over the years. Get a picture of that smile too!