Sunday, November 16, 2008

Knocked for a loop.

I woke up yesterday with a killer headache. I haven't had anything like this in ages. I was pissed because it felt like a hangover and I don't remember having any fun the night before.

I thought it would pass. Wrong. I had to take 3 doses of migraine medicine as well as Ativan before it would begin to subside. It was one of those headaches where your eyes can't focus and all you want is quiet, dark and cold.

I am at least upright today. I am still having lingering flashes of pain. I plan to take it easy for one more day.

Scott saw the surgeon Friday. He is still limited to 20 hours a week. They are hoping he can go back full time after he sees the doc again on December 12. He sees the new surgeon on Wed and he is hoping they go ahead and schedule the second surgery sooner rather than later. But we shall see. I kind of do too. Esp since we have met all deductibles for the year.

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The Dukes said...

I hope the new surgeon appt. goes well tomorrow and you are headache free now. Joe takes a daily medication for migraine prevention- those things are terrible.