Monday, June 02, 2008

Hey Toto we are on the way home

Drew and I leave tomorrow morning for 2 weeks in Kansas. It is going to be a whirlwind of activity and friends. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. I know after this trip - Kansas will no longer really be home because I will see how everything has changed and how life has gone on with out me.

I am looking forward to Tortilla Jacks, J&S Coffee - Cant find a good Freddie anywhere. I have a feeling I will be eating several meals at On the Border so i can see Phil. I have many planned lunches and dinners with friends. Drew is looking forward to seeing Ellie, Miriam, Gracie (the fillie) He is also looking forward to seeing his grandparetns and brother. I hope I also get to see the Dukes of Lawrence. I watch their blog daily to see how they have changed.

I thought ABQ was destined to be our home but now it looks like I will be a California girl within the next month or so. We will know Wed for sure what the plan is. I hate being in limbo and I am glad this vacation is coming so I can see friends, drink some good Cosmos and margaritas and share the company of all those I hold dear.

Not sure when I will check back in. until then

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust.

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