Thursday, May 29, 2008

What are we doing

Here it is 3AM and I can't sleep. Nothing new there but tonight I have lots on my mind. We thought Sacarmento was a done deal. Guess not. Even tho the management in Sac offered one salary the higher ups said no. We can't do it on what they offered. I have spent lots of time in prayer the past few days because in my heart something wasn't right. I asked for some guidance. Everything has been shown that we should stay here. The salary, the ABQ office wanting Scott to stay and offering ways to keep us here. We have our church and our friends here. When the salary came back to low that was the answer I was looking for. Scott doesn't want to hear the answer. He keeps looking for ways to go to Sacramento. He asked the Denver office if they would be willing to have him in Sacramento heading up the water resourses division. Keith said it was something to talk about but he was on vacation until June 9. Scott doesn't take vacations and when he does he is constantly on his computer or crackberry working. To me a vacation is turning everything off and being with us.

We got the house issues taken care of yesterday. that was a huge monkey off my back. In my mind and heart we need to stay here continue to repair the credit once again and in a year look for a house.

I can't take much more of this roller coaster. God has revealed his plan. We just need to stop and listen.

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