Monday, June 16, 2008

What a Trip

We are still in Kansas but I know the next couple weeks are going to be crazy and the next time I write I will probably be in Sacramento. I wanted to put a few things down before I forgot them.

This has been an amazing trip. I got closer to Andrea. I felt like we really connected and I can see how much she cares for my dad. I saw how happy he was. To me that is the most important thing. My dad shared stories about my ancestors which helps them live on as my boys get older. Dad took Drew swimming and made sure he had his first riding lesson. Now Drwe thinks he wants to ride when we get to CA - Thanks DAD. Andrea showed me a pattern that I am able to knit. I thought I wouldn't be knitting for a long time but that is't the case. I got her hooked on beading - Sorry DAD.

Drew got to be a little boy and do some awesome little boy things. He rode a horse, held a 4 day old baby goat, ran in the sprinkler, played in the park, caught fire flies, made cookies with meema, ate in the prehistoric era with papa and maymay, spent the day at the zoo with his brother. Oh yea - he also got to witness Kansas thunder storms and enjoy a good old fashion Kansas tornado warning.
I got to see old friends. I spent time with Erin, my college drinnking buddy, who at 18 taught me to shoot a gun and how to restore old cars. I saw Lori. probably one of my oldest friends - we have been friends since 5th grade. That is 30+ years. Spent time with Anna. Spent 3 days with Carolyn. Those days were pretty stressful - because scott and I were trying to agree on a house and I was going crazy. Kim and I spent an afternoon drinking margaritas, eating mexican munchies and chatting away. Allan and Peg spent some time with us. Drew had a ball with Allan. spent 2 evenings with my friend Susan. We drank to new beginnings and new homes.

I had a great time with my MIL. She took such good care of us. I had an ongoing flare while I was in Kansas and she truly would not let me do anything. She got testy when I did the dishes. She and drew had such a great time.

My trip isn't over yet. Today Phil and Drew are having brother day. They are going to breakfast, the zoo, a picnic then to Lawrence to catch up with me. I am having coffee with Carolyn, hopefully having lunch with Mary. Meeting my dad and Andrea to get somethings that I left at their house, going to the Yarn Barn with Andrea. I want to spend a little time wandering Mass. Kim is to be getting the afternoon off and Phil is coming over with Drew. Brett - Kim's son and an old friend of Phil's will be there. I an hoping my fibro stays at bay today. Tomorrow I plan on a quiet day. Phil is coming over in the afternoon to hang out. We have had some good 12AM talks. We leave Wed. night.
Our time line for the next 2 weeks - Scott gets home Tuesday night, Drew and I arrive Wed night. the 21st is our going away party, 23rd and 24th the packers will be there, 25th the movers load, 26th we clean up the house, 27th head to CA. I anticpate being there by the 29th. They are seeing if we can ship my van. The way my Fibro has been I don't think I can drive that far as fast as we need to be there. I am hoping the movers can unload on the 30th. Scott did find a house and we both really like it. He has sent pictures of it.I will post some once we get settled.

This trip has been magical (thanks to everyone who made it that way) which only proves
Faith Trust and Pixie Dust.

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The Dukes said...

Joe told me that you were in J&S! Why didn't you e-mail to set up your private meeting with The Dukes?!?! I were busy! We totally understand. My how Drew has grown!