Monday, May 05, 2008

I hurt

My doc thinks I have Fibromyagia. I see a Rheumatolgist tomorrow AM. when I used to see commercials for Fibro I would think how could this be real? Chronic muscle aches - almost flu like. I get it now. My hands go numb, so do my feet. some days I ache from head to toe. Today is one of those days. I had a great week last week, but yesterday the headache and shoulders started hurting. They have taken me off of all meds until tomorrow because of the blackout a couple weeks ago. I thought that getting rid of the meds was the answer(that all the aches and pains were caused by side effects from my meds) and that it was in my head. Nope. I ache today like nothing else. I tried a hot shower but that didn't help. I am so looking forward to maybe getting some answers tomorrow. Or more tests ordered which means more waiting

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