Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Mexico Birthday parties

Drew has been invited to 2 birhtday parties this weekend. One for a kid whose mom works with Scott. the other for a little boy who is in Drew's play group.

Today was the party for J - The one whose mom works with Scott. The little boy was turing 4. It was held at a local pizza place - similar to Chuck E Cheese. Scott had told me that parties for mexican families were much different than what I would be used to. He wasn't kidding!!!!
The table was set up for 15 kids plus 10 adults. Then the mom had gone to 4 booths and put reserved signs on them for adults. Familie and friends started to arrive. Oh my goodness. There were grand parents, aunt, uncles, cousins, neices, nephews, second cousins twice removed. You name it they were there. I think there were only 3 kids who were not related to J. Every person was carrying a gift bag for J. I have seen fewer presents at weddings. Paris hilton would be jealous. There were not enough chair/booths for all the people. The kids were given tokens and off they went. Then the pizza's started to arrive. I lost count at 8. But I know there were more. I at first thought it was only J's party that was like this then I looked around the restaurant. There 6-8 other parties going on and they are all the same. Moutains of pizza and cake and more gifts than any child could think of on Christmas morning let alone a birthday party.

scott said most birthday's for local families are like this. Holidays and Birthdays are big events. When a girl turns 15 there is a special party (like a Bat Mitzvah). Families plan for this party and it is carried out similar to a wedding.

Extended Family is big down here. almost like mini villiages raising children. It was interesting to watch. scott says this was small compared to some he has attended when he was here before. I can't imagine hosting a party like that - i finally have a house big enough for it but the expense and the mess just aren't worth it. While I won't be hosting a party for 40+ forDrew's 6th birthday he knows he is loved in New Mexico or Kansas or where ever his family may be.

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