Wednesday, August 29, 2007

college observations

I have been back in college for a week and a half. There have been many intersting observations. These are just the four that come to mind tonight.

1. If kids were allowed to take notes on their cell phone they would have better notes. That is all I see kids do. Text during class, between class. It is continual. I hope they are on unlimted text plans because otherwise it would be a horrid bill.

2. Kids do wear their pajamas to class. Today I saw a kid - at least 20 - wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt and matching pajama bottoms to class (at 2 in the afternoon) I guess I should be grateful that he didn't have on the Raphel Slippers.

3. Taking notes has changed. My teachers use power point in the classroom. So before everyclass I am required to go to VISTA (UNM version of Blackboard) and print off the presentation. The teachers leave blanks on my version. Then during class I just fill in the blanks. I am not sure if rention is better but boy it sure is easier. We will see how well this works after my first tests.

4. This goes to any mom who happens to be going back to school at Washburn this sememester. If you hear my son talk the way I hear the boys at UNM talk - you have my permission to smack him up side the head and tell him "Your mother could be listening" I am appalled at the language the kids (esp. boys use) I ahve heard every cuss word known to man since I have started back to school and kids don't seem to care who is listening to them. It is horrid. I know they are away from home but if their mom's could hear them they would get grounded or their mouth washed out with soap. Please kids - you never know who could be sitting near you listening to your conversation. The more you talk like that with your friends the more difficult it will be to break the habit when you are in the work place. And there is nothing appealing about how many cuss words you can say in a sentence. If you can't say it in front of your mother then there is no need to say it .

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