Friday, August 24, 2007

I think it is happening

UHOH I think it is happening - against my best efforts. In the last week I have noticed when I drive I actually know where I am going. I don't have to get out my map. If someone gives me cross streets I am pretty confident I can get there.I just always remember the mountains are to the East. Iknow that the city was built on a grid and all major instersections are one mile apart. We are having dinner with Tom, Faith and Clara tonight and when Faith told me where the pizza place was I knew exactly where it was. (applause please)

Last night there was a grass fire behind the volcanos by where we live. I looked at Scott and said " that is the other side of the Mesa - so we are fine." He kind of smirked.

I have learned this is the land of manana(tomorrow) which for those who are transplants(most of the caucasian population) it is irritating. Expecting a repair man then maybeyou will see them between 8-4 next thursday but most definelty by the following friday unless it is deemed a fishing day then who knows when you will see them.

Want to see balloons in the AM? Must be under 70 degrees or it is too hot and they can't go up. Looking for a missing body - check the Rio Grande River. Want good Pizza - Dion's or Marios. good mexican? Hot Talmales in Rio Ranco. Chinese/Thai/vietnemse? Golden Banana has great Pad Thai. Best cinnamon rolls and home made tortillas? Definetly the Frontier on Route 66 across from the University. Have Blue Cross Insurance - then you can't use Presbiterian hospital. Couldn't come to a contract agreement. The just ousted the Mayor of Rio Rancho for misapporpriation of funds. The Governer has been gone 3 out of 4 days campaining for president.

Boy, you would think I was becoming at home in albuquerque. Who knew?
But I will always miss Kansas

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