Thursday, August 23, 2007

Drew's thoughts on school

Drew has been in Pre K for a week now. He goes from 8:30-3:30 everyday. He has some very serious thoughts on going to school...

I picked him up from his first day and was chit chatting away as I was driving home. I was asking all the typical mommy questions. Finally he says "mommy will you please be quiet I need to rest. Going to school is hard work" He promptly fell asleep for the last 10 minutes of the ride home and slept for 45 minutes once we got to the house.

Last Friday was a rough day for him. he thought this school was going to be like the Art center and be more like Montesorri type class. It is far from that. He has lesson time, play time, nap time. It is very sturctured. He had a few melt down episodes during the day that caused him to lose his movie privledges for the evening when I heard about them. He also lost going to his fave pizza place to celebrate the first week of school.

Since then he has been fine - now that he understands what is expected of him.
So today I pick him up and we are driving home. He asks to go to McDonalds as a treat for being good at school today. I said no but if he was good tomorrow we would go to Dion's for pizza as a reward for a good week and no bad reports. He asked me if he had to go to school again tomorrow and I said "yes you do". He looked at me and in the most increduolus voice asked "when will this end?"

Not for a long time my little prince, not for a long long time.

Faith Trust and Pixie dust


Anna said...


Young Master Drew will come to love school, I am certain of that....he's far too inquisitive, and honery not to!

Oh the things in life that we have to do that never end.......good thing we learn that it's a journey, not a destination, huh?


Regina C said...

Yeah for funny stories. My son says so many funny things : )