Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Era

Well Drew starts school today. Actually it is pre - k but it is all day. He should be in kindergarten but emotionally he is not ready. His teachers in Lawrence last year advised one more year of Preschool to get him ready.

We have a concern tho - not about the school. We like the school. But when we went for meet the teacher the other night Drew had a major allergic reaction to something in the room. We think it was the hay from the bunny cages. His eyes swelled and his nose started running something horrid. The only other time I saw him have an allergic reaction like this was when he was helping Carolyn feed the horses in the barn.

The doc added a second allergy medicine to see if that helped. I will be warning the teachers to call me if there is a problem.

Drew is so excited about school that I don't want there to be a problem for his sake. He packed his lunch lsat night but told me to hold off on the sandwich until this AM. Was worried it would be "icky" if I made it too soon.

This is an emotional day for Scott. I am a little sad but I am also ready to go back to school myself. As long as Drew doesn't have any major reactions to the bunny hay.


Anna said...

You go momma!!

You are one of the most FIERCE mothers I know, and I know alot of them. Don't you let ANYONE tell you that there is a different way to be a mother to your children, especially your self-indulgent, narcissistic little sis!

You have raised a fine young man (he did fess up about the shenanigans at the party) who is considerate, polite, and fun to be around, who will do well in school, and your raising another one just fine too!

Enjoy the alone time to find out who you want to be at this stage of your life-and don't be afraid of the changes happening, I think you'll do a fine job of figuring out what you want to do, and who you want to become!

Much love, Anna

Anna said...

BTW-Your oldest came over last night to pickup his jeans and suit slacks, newly hemmed, and for dinner. It was Sunday night, so it was an easy meal night-especially since I woke up yesterday with a migraine. So, Phil had my homemade pizza, which always gets raves from my children and hubby, and which Phil stated, "Tastes better than CiCi's!"

I promised him a more "real" meal next time!

He seems ready for classes, and is looking forward to the experience, I think, so don't worry too much-he's doing well.

He did tell the tale of the first day for Drew.....sounds like the little guy is a preschool pistol!!

Hang in there momma-and have a good math class at the juco!


Henry and Ian said...

Hi Cathy! Thanks so much for your comments on the Dukes' blog. I love hearing from you. I really hope Albuquerque starts to look up for you soon. Any big life change is hard to navigate. You are probably just on the verge of meeting a great new friend or making a new discovery about your own interests. I also think you are a fantastic mother, one to be admired and emulated! I'm glad your sisters comments didn't make you question that. J&S misses you, too. We heart Cathy!