Monday, August 06, 2007

My sister

Right after Phil's wreck I was dealing with the insurance garbage that has to be dealt with. I made the mistake of commenting to my sister that the insurance people were driving me crazy. She asked me why I wasn't making Phil deal with it. I tried to explain that it was my car and that I was the only one who could take care of it. She then started accusing me of always stealing Phil's life lessons. She said he was 18 and needed to deal with things himself. I said yes he is 18 but like all of us he still needs mom and dad. She told me I had a mental problem because I would not let go of Phil. She started screeeching at me about how I sucked as a parent. She then said "no you just suck in general". I have not talked to her since.

She and her husband CHOSE not to have kids. I think that if you make that decision that is fine but that is also the day you CHOOSE to not give advice/critisim to those of us that do have kids. Until you walk a few thousand miles in the shoes of a parent you have nothing to say on that subject.

This is my SISTER who said these things to me. Would you say something like that to a stranger? Why in the world would you say something like that to a family member? While I know what she said is in no way true (I have raised one awesome son and have another in the wings) it totally pissed me off.

She has not apologized (she thinks she is right) so she won't. She has done things like this before and every time I forgive her. But this time it is different. She critizied something that I take very seriously - parenting. I decided that like a dog I can only be kicked so many times. And I am done. She did send me a message via Myspace last night (like there was nothing wrong and her in her mind I am sure there isn't) to update my page - but she needed my password. Somehow i don't think she has re-earned my trust to give this up to her. It will take a long time to earn my trust or my respect again.

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