Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lucky to be alive

Phil was in a massive car wreck last week. Someone broadsided him while Phil was going thru an intersection. I have never felt so helpless. I was in NM and he was hurt and scared in Topeka. Luckily plenty of friends and family came to his aide. The car is totalled and he has some really deep muscle damage to his calf. I need to get him back to a doc for a follow up but he being 18 knows best. He doesn't need a doc according to him. HUMPH. They allowed him to travel for his trip here the day after the accident. So at least I can see he is"OK". he is walking and talking but the accident really scared him (and me)

we are settling in. It is still really strange here. I have been accepted to UNM so I will still go back to college afterall this fall. I think I am going to do Audiology or speech pathology. UNM doesn't have social work and this really seems to be itneresting. I am going to UNM today to take some paperwork and try and meet with an advisor. Hopefully I cna get enrolled today so i can get my books ordered and get my financial aid straitened away. I have to see what classes I ahve credit for so I can figure out what I still need to take. hopefully phil wont' give me much trouble when I wake him up shortly. But that seems to be his mantra for this visit. If mom isn't doing for me it isn't worth my time and give her crap until she does.
Iwon't even go into the coffee and cupcake incident. I just hope he treats his girlfriends better than he does his mom.

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