Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

It is July 4th. Back home we would be spending the evening at Janines house with our friends. But this year it is just the 3 of us. Seems very strange not to have anyplans. I will probably go grab a couple steaks or something and throw them on the grill. We have a great view of the city so we will probably just sit outside and watch the show from the back yard. Tomorrow Drew will get to see his friend Clara and on Friday Phil comes. Phil has been experiencing his own independence. He is living with his aunt and her family. He says he is having a good time but Lisa says he is having adjustment problems. I think it will be better when he gets into his routine for school but now all he tells people is "this sucks"

He misses his friends in Lawrence but he kind of feels like they are treating him out of site out of mind. He has discovered he was usually the one who organized events and called everyone on the weekends and now that he is gone if somethign is organized he doesn't get called.

Phil and I are having the most adjustment problems. Scott seems to have found a rythmn at work and Drew is just going with the flow.

The other day after a particularly bad experience at the MVD(DMV to us normal people) I got lost and was crying on the phone to a friend that I wanted to go home (back to Lawrnece). from teh back seat I hear "we live in albuquerque now mom. Deal with it" Out of the mouth of babes? I am dealing with it. Ah to be five again and have everything right with the world as long as your parents and your monkey are around.

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust

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