Monday, April 16, 2007

Disney Again

Yes we are going again. This time it will be Scott, me, Drew, and Scott's mom ML. We are going October 21-28. I have spent a lot of time planning our ADR's (Advanced Dining Reservations) and our days in the park. I have many friends and family who ca't quite understand why I plan so much before we go. They think it is vacation and I should go with the flow. Going with the flow at Disney can be a bad thing. When you are dealing with that many people in a relatively small space it is best to plan. And plan well.

I follow one of the touring plans online. Last year when we went Scott was amazed that in less than 90 minutes we had done 8 rides at MK and had fast passes for 2 others where the stand by wait was 2 hours. We had done the Tea Cups, Small World, Dumbo, Philharmonic, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, and Peter pan. Those are all in Fantasy Land and fill up fast with little kids. By the time we got off of Peter Pan the standby line was 45 minutes. No Thanks. We then headed to Splash Mountain but first grabbed FP's for ThunderMountain. Scott was SHocked that we were able to ride both in 30 mintues.

As for meals since the Dining Plan it is a must to get ADR's for the places you definelty want to eat. Most are booked 180 days in advance. I can't even book my reservations until April 24th but I have my grid with parks/parades/ and where we want to eat cetain meals. Sit down meals I never leave to chance but I don't worry to much about counter service meals. So see I can be spontaneous. But I do research which ones are better than others.

As for those who comment "you are going to Disney AGAIN?" "Yes we are going again - don't you go to the beach/mountains every summer/winter?" Same difference. It is our vacation and we choose to go visit a Mouse/Duck/Dog/power angers/Beast/Princess/Monsters/THe Incredibles f(the list goes on)or 7 days as opposed to watching the same waves or skiing the same mountain. We do take other vacations - last year we went to Colorado and this year we are headed to NM and also Chicago.

My MIL has never been to WDW and I hope to show her a magical vacation. She has decided going on vacation with me is better than hiriing a tour guide. She is just sitting back and letting me go. 190 days and counting.

Trust and Pixie Dust


Anna said...

All I have to say is this: when we go back to WDW (Nick and I have been, but not the others), I'm putting my trust in the planning skills of my personal WDW consultant: YOU!!

Cathy said...

I won't steer you wrong. My 9 page questionaire will be forth coming. And I will waive my standard fee.