Saturday, April 14, 2007


I left my ex husband many many years ago. For a long time things were good between us and we were friends. At one point we talked about getting back together. In fact we were such good friends when Phil was 5 we went on vacation - the 3 of us for a week. Then out of the blue he remarried. His new wife wanted no reminders of his past - Phil. She made his life a living hell. After a while of this torment Phil asked Scott to adopt him. Surprisingly Mike agreed. Found out years later it was because he was wanting to buy a new business and his DTI was off due to the child support he was paying. That is another thread.

Mike has a sister who was closer to me than my own sister. We could get into trouble so fast and have so much fun. I always laughed when I was around Lisa. We were inseperable before and after my divorce. Then when Mike remarried Lisa felt that she had to go with family loyalty and we quit speaking. I understood but boy did I miss her. Things were also difficult between my former in laws and me.

Last year Lisa's youngest child was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Last month they were told he had Type 1 and Type 2. That is very rare. Less than one half of one percent of adults with diabetes have both and that number is even smaller in children. It has been a long year for them. T has been in the hospital 11 times in the past year, the longest stay was over 2 weeks. We almost lost him twice. I have reached out to Peg (former MIL) She and I have become friends again. T went back in the hosptial a couple days ago. I took Phil over yesterday. Before we left for the hosptial I made copies of all the DVD's of Phils performances that I had. I gave them to Peg and she cried. And I cried and Lisa cried. It was like a flood gate of emotion. A bridge had been built. I have been calling Lisa and Peg for the last few months. I just wanted to reach out to them. I know how difficult times like this can be. It is scary and I have been there with my son and my mom.

Yesterday while we were standing around T's hospital bed we started reminicening about my years in the family. I had forgotten so much. Peg, Lisa and I laughed so hard. I was cryingfrom laughter about some of the stories from my past. It felt good. Peg knows about the troubles with my dad and she has listened to me. When my mom died she was at the funeral and held me while I cried. The walls are coming down and we are friends again. Lisa and I want to go to lunch like we used to. I am hoping soon that can happen. We just have to wait till summer someone can stay with T.

My ex still does not speak to me and don't expect that to change. For that I am regretful. But at least I have my sister back.

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Anna said...

I'm very glad to hear this news, C, because you need to have a "family" again.....good to hear indeed.