Thursday, March 08, 2007

life gets in the way

Does this happen to you? You have every intention of doing something regularly - exercising, blogging, paying bills, cleaning house and life gets in the way. You know the kids need your attention - or money, spouse needs your attention or your attention if you know what I mean. Your friends need your support, your kids school needs your time.Well now you know why it has been so long since I have been here. But due to some good friends I am making a resolve to get back here at least twice a week. I am not as ambitious as some I know (hi Randy) and say 3 times a week twice is all I can commit to.

HMMM updates since last time. Phil has the lead in the school play. He is Horton the Elephant in Suessical the Musical. One of his first shows as a 7th grader he played the cow in a "A clown's Play - Jack and the Beanstalk" He couldn't talk but had to get his point across to Jack thru mooing. so now he is an elephant. I wonder if there is a hidden meaning in this. But he does have several solos using real words this time. He graduates in about 2 months and mom is not ready for the world to have him quite yet.

Scott has been busy with work. I suckered him to remodeling the bathroom so he isn't too happy with me right now. but it has to be done. the bathroom has god awful yellow tiles on the walls from the mid seventies. it is hideous. Next month the "big wigs" will be in the office to present him with his 10 year anniversay gift - a watch. I'd rather have the cash. We have been together 10 years (dating) and married 8 years this April.

Drew is the sunshine and roses of everyones life. I taught him to sing "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" He sings it with such 4 year old feeling it is wonderful. He helps me to remember that there is more to life than stress.

Pixie Dust and Trust.

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