Monday, March 12, 2007

Get em while they are young

We took Drew to see the Doodlebops this weekend. For those who don't know who the Doodlebops are - they are the Rock group for the very hip PreK age. What an expensive afternoon. First tickets for 3 were 120.00 (not including Ticketmasters usual and customary handling fees.)
Drew was so excited. We got to our seats and I go to peruse the merchandise and food. I got off lucky (cheap). I bought one shirt 25.00 (even Talbots is cheaper) one light up toy (that all other the kids had) 20.00 and one program 12.00 (but it came with a free Kazoo!!!)
I skipped the food and went back to our seats. The show started and Drew had a great time dancing in the aisle. No mini mosh pit like at a Mr. StinkyFeet concert. But dancing works up a hunger so off Scott went in search of noursishment. He comes back with some cotton candy 10.00 (it did have a felt hat to hold the plastic bag in) and a non Doodlebop soda 3.50. Lemonade ina Doodlebop cup was 8.00. Drew did not get lemonade.
The concert started at 1 with 30 minute intermission and ened at about 2:45. I haven't done the math but it was over a 1.00 per minute for the concert. If this were a Mastercard commercial I would say priceless but since it is not i can say OVERPRICED.
It is going to be cheaper for Scott and I to go to the Blue Man Group the end of the month. I learned my lesson. While this was fun - Drew would have had just as much fun going to grandma's house, eating Tortilla Jacks and watching the KU game. AND it would have been much cheaper.
Trust and Pixie Dust

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