Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did you vote?

That seems to be the question. Yes I did. I did a mail in ballot a few weeks ago.

I am going to a visitation in a little while for my best friends mother. She died last week. And yet the visitation is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. Dragging it out that long to me just seems to prolong the pain. Nest week will be bad. C will no longer be running on adrenaline and her husband will be gone on business and her family will be gone. She will CRASH hard. Phil and I are going to the visitation. Scott can't get home from work in time. I personally like how my family does funerals. We have a very short memorial. and then certain people are invited to a luncheon to celebrate the deceased persons life.

I got some good news this week. Sung and Yoo Sung - our 2 former exchange students will be here for part of the holiday. Sung will be here December 16-22. Then Yoo Sung will be here December28-Jan 4. I miss my boys. I think Phil and Aaron filled them in on the problems with my dad and convinced them to come. I will write about my dad in a few days. I don't have the energy to explain that one today.

This weekend is Phil's last fall play. Another last. Boy they seem to be coming fast. Next week is the award ceremony for the fall sports. He should letter again in soccer.

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