Sunday, October 29, 2006

life goes on

Got back from Disney a week ago today. Finally feel like I have caught up on most everything - except laundry. We came back to Reality World with a THUD.

Monday we got a call from our close friends and attorney. They are adoptoin attornies. They might have a baby girl and were we interested. We had decided we were finished with adding to our family but ..... I called Scott and decided no not right now. We needed to find out what is wrong with Drew first. He is going to a behavior peditrican in December. He may have FAE or Asperger's. Scott wants to wait until we get it figured out with him. He doesn't want to add anymore to my plate if Drew is going to need all my time. But Peg told me there is a good chance that there will be a little girl in January if we are interested. Even Phil is on board if we go forward.

Tuesday - Phil had his regional soccer game. I am still trying to figure out how the goalie(phil) could come out of the game with a concussion, strained neck and knee as well as a bruised liver. i think they decided they were playing football instead of soccer. He is better now. Scott was home with food poisoning. He couldnn't take care of Drew while I was at the hosptial with Phil so I had to have Scott's mom come take care of Drew.

Thursday I noticed that Phil's eye was red again. So I took him to the doc on Friday. The doc sent us back to the eye doc. Phil had an ulcerated cornea in June so I was worried. the eye doc discovered another infection in Phil's cornea. So phil is on antibiotic drops every hour and steroid drops every 4 hours. He went back on Saturday and he said it was better but needs to go back on Tuesday. He may not be wearing contacts for a while.

To top it off my BF mom is dying and I am trying to help her thru that.

I think I like fantasy land better than reality world.

Pixie Dust

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