Monday, October 09, 2006

Another First of Many Lasts

I have always had tradtions with my kids. With Phil on the first day of school since Kindergarten I have taken him to breakfast before school. This year after breakfast he looked at me and said this was the first of many lasts. Next year on his first day of school I will more than likely be 7 hours away. He will be in Minnesota and I will be in Kansas. When he said that I cried. It was bittersweet.

Today was Headmaster's Holiday. A wonderful tradtion my son's school has. It is a day that no one knows but a few special (elite) members of the school. It is announced at morning meeting and there is pandimonium after. A rush of phone calls to parents and wonderful excitement. In the past it has always been in the spring. The school has done things like take the whole school to a baseball game, rented out a movie theatre to watch new release movies etc. This year they changed it up and moved it to the fall. They are headed to the Renassaince Fesitval in Kansas City. Every kid will have admission paid, a small amount of spending money as well as lunch. It is another last.

Drew has become addicted to Playhouse Disney. He would watch it all day long if he could. I think it is the excitement of the upcoming trip.

getting ready for this trip is horrid. I have more laundry than any 4 people need. I asked everyone to help do it over the weekend but everyone had other plans. So I am getting it folded now but everyone has to pack for themselves. I want to enjoy my vacation too so I am about done doing for everyone so I can enjoy it too.

Pixie dust to everyone.

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