Sunday, October 08, 2006


Have you seen the comerical of the kids who are going to Disney and the little boy says he is too excited to sleep? We are leaving in 6 days and I know what he is talking about. i have a ton to do before we go but it is Disney World for goodness sake. Who wouldn't be excited? My family thinks I am crazy but where else can I enjoy being a kid for a week? I have had to promise not to push everyone while we are there to see and do everything. DH has promised we can go back. I was there once 10 years ago when Phil was 5. I remember the look on my exhusbands face when he saw the castle for the first time. Even he who never knew how to ahve a good time changed into a little kid who wanted to give Mickey a Hug. There is something about the place that lets every adult relive their inner child. And let's every child believe in every bit of magic that could ever be. I have some special surpirsed for my boys but I can't reveal them here incase DS17 has found this and some of the surprises are for him.

Sending everyone pixie dust to have a magical day

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