Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Boy, changes in weather do a number on me. I can hardly hold my eyes open. We went from 96 yesterday to 70 today.

so much is going on but I can't get my thoughts together enough to type. Scott was named to the Principals Professional group for his company. Only 76 people in teh company are named to this group. The next CTO will come from there. Scott is an engineer. He is currently finishing his Masters and starts his PhD in the spring. He is brilliant even if he doesn't realize it. I guess that is part of his charm.

I haven't told anyone about my blog. Guess it is my chance at anonimty. I feel like everyone knows me and here i can talk/write and noone knows who I am so I can say what I want. Kind of like a diary but everyone but my family and friends can read/know about it.

I am not a political person but one day soon I plan on commenting on the recent school shootings. i have kids in high school and it scares the beejeesus out of me. I will also comment on the jerk Foley (how dare he use is position to abuse kids) I honestly don't believe he was ever abused - great cop out. won't even go into drinking while voting on bills in congress. but I can't be this tired or I will ramble and it won't make sense.

till tomorrow.

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