Sunday, February 17, 2013

Busy and adjusting

I have to say in many ways we are busier in Denver than we ever were in California.  We still have our family time but it is different.

Last weekend we stayed close to home because of snow but the last few days have made me go WOAH!.  Monday Drew now has Lego Club and rock climbing.  Wed we headed to Children's to meet with the Rehab Doc who will be administering the Botox treatment in a couple weeks.  a story for another post. Thursday I got to help with Drew's class Valentines party in  his Gen Ed and after that I am more convinced than ever  the school district is wrong and that the placement is so incorrect it is not funny.  We now have an advocate but that is a story for another day.  Friday Scott stayed in the City for the evening and got to spend time with people from his old company.  He had a wonderful time.  Drew and I hung out at home and watched TV.  Yesterday we had a late brunch, did some shopping and then went to our friends house for a wonderful dinner.   Today I am taking Drew swimming with a friend of mine who I have not seen since JR. HIGH.

We are still adjusting to life here and a new normal when it comes to routine.  Sometimes we have to stop our selves and say "we have been here less than 3 months and things are still shaking out"  Is some ways it feels like we have been here for a long time and this has always been home.  Maybe it is because of the Midwest feel and life style?  I know I feel more at home here.  More relaxed, more in control. Still adjusting but this feels like where I belong.

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