Monday, July 30, 2012

Protector/for my boys

When Phil was little, before Scott, it was just us.  From the time he was two until Scott and I started dating,when he was seven, all we had was each other.  We had several songs we would sing to each other at different times.

Last night, Drew was having a rough time.  He was scared.  He has a fear that he can't over come.  He is scared of gollum from Lord of the Rings.  I can't say it is irrational because we all have things we are scared of.  This is his.  It is a paralyzing fear.  When Phil was scared as a kid I sang him a song - this was before the days of YouTube and Ipods.  he had to endure my voice.  (Sorry Phil).  I hope both my boys know that Nothings gonna harm them when I am around.

Last night when Drew was so scared to go down stairs the song came back to me.  I played it on my phone and sang to Drew at the same time.  He was finally able to go down and do what he had to do.
After he came back upstairs he said "thanks for making me brave mom"  That is what a mom is to do isn't it?

This song will be true for my boys for ever and I hope someday they sing it to their children. I like this version better because the first time I saw it Barbara Streisand was singing it to her son.

Love Mom

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