Sunday, July 29, 2012


There are 70 wedding pictures on FB.  I am trying to wait and put them together in a slide show and unveil them at once on here.  If you want a sneak peek do a search on Phoenix images on Facebook. Or wait a week and I will get creative.

There is no rhyme or reason to this post.  I realized that i had not posted in 2 weeks and so much has been going on - just life but just life can be exhausting.

We have seen an increase in Drew's anxiety level - he is getting very nervous about school starting.  He has the same teacher but there are some unknown factors in his life so that makes it hard.

I have lots of inquiries about vacations especially Disney ones.  booking one today.  That makes me happy.  Disney World has a great deal right now - FREE DINING for dates in September, October and  December.  Also a wonderful deal on a California Coast cruise with many of the Pixar characters.

Scott is recovering well.  Most of the road rash is gone.  His knee looks pretty bad and so does his ankle but his head has healed pretty well.  the most visible sign of the collision is the bright pink cast he wears on his right wrist.  It is due to come off August 15.  He seems better recovered than Drew and I.  Mentally at least.  The thought of him getting on a bike again TERRIFIES me.  I wish he would take up long distance running.  for some reason that doesn't seem as scary to me.

The newlyweds are back from Estes Park and had a wonderful time.  They seem to be settling into married life pretty well.

lots more but time is short.

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