Monday, September 12, 2011

Fundraiser for Irene Victims.

Help Irene victims

It seems like every time there is a natural disaster in this country the media and govt focus on it for a few days then it is on to the next big thing and the victims are left to their own devices.  I have a real problem with that.  It is not in the first few days that the victims need our help it is in the months after when the cameras have left that people need to be remembered.

I applaud The Orange Owl for doing this fundraiser.  We need to let vicitms of this disaster know they are not forgotten and that fellow Americans have their backs.

One of my best friends Anna is among over 20 artists who are donating their crafts to this wonderful fundraiser.  There will be a list up later to day at the Blog with all of the artists.

Help out and get your raffle ticket for 10.00 I know I will be getting mine.

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The Orange Owl said...

Thank you so much Cathy! This really means a lot to us and to Vermont Irene Flood Relief Fund - they are doing such a great job of helping out those who really need it right now. I will be posting the artists tonight.

Once again, thank you very much for helping us spread the word :)