Monday, September 12, 2011


Yes I love Jasmere, Yes I love bags.  Yes I love sales.  Yes I love 20% off.  Today is my day at Jasmere.  They are featuring Scout my favorite go to company for bags for EVERYTHING.  Do you know the deal you can get today?  Use this link to register if you have never been to Jasmere before (really after all of my shouting from the roof tops about it how could you not have registered?) The Scout Flexi voucher is available for 6.00 and that gives you run of the Scout store - 60% off everything you want.  WINNING!!!!!!! I can finally afford the luggage I want.

I also learned something new this weekend.  If there are several live deals - like right now the oranges and the cleaning supplies and the Scout Flexi Voucher  you can get them ALL with the 20% discount.  WINNING!!!!!! What could be better than 2 or 3 awesome deals with 20% off of all of it?  I am getting oranges to send to family in the midwest for Christmas.  Glad they dont' read my blog.

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