Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am a homeschool mom. I say it loud and proud. The past 2 years being home and schooling Drew have been remarkable. I have learned a lot. I also learned a lot today.

When I picked up Andrew from school his teacher escorted him to the car. I am thinking "GREAT! is the real Drew finally coming through?" Having a teacher walk your kid to the car is not something you want.

Instead, Mr. Weidel walked to my side of the car and showed me a note that Andrew had slipped to him. All it said was " i licke skool" It spoke volumes.

I have defended home school for the past 2 years and I honestly feel it is the best education most kids can get. But there are exceptions. Drew being one of them. He loves the structure of school. He loves the socialization of school. I will continue to be a home school mom at heart but for now Drew is where he wants and needs to be. I want him to love learning and for him school is where it happens best.

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Miriam in KS said...

:) This makes my heart sing! Thank you for sharing.