Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I usually think

Yes I think (as scary as that is) but what I was going to say was during the day I think of all sorts of wonderful things to blog about. Problem is I am not at my computer at the time so by the time I get to my computer I draw a blank and blog about nothing. I think there was a TV show about nothing at one time. Wish my blog could be that popular.

On Tuesday,April 13 my oldest friend is coming to visit. We have been friends since 5th grade. not saying how many years that is but if you read my older posts you can figure it out. planning on doing very little. Just sitting out back and drinking margaritas, eating salsa and talking. We are going to San Francisco for a day but that is it. I love company that is easy. They don't want to be entertained they just want to be. The obligatory trip to Squeeze Inn is on the list. She wants to check out a couple bead shops. Like I said easy. I have very few friends that are like that. Lori is one. The others would be Kim and Anna. Most people you feel like you have to entertain. With them I know they are coming to see me. That is what makes it easy.

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Elaine said...

I compose fabulous posts away from my computer. AUGH!