Monday, August 24, 2009

play day

This morning Drew and I went to park day with a bunch of home schoolers. Drew was in heaven because out of the 25-30 kids there 6 of them were 7 year old boys!!!!! What a gift for him. For 2 hours he played romped, got dirty, never once fought or cried just played and played and played. He had a great time. It is a Monday morning thing from now on.

For me it was great because I got to meet other HS moms from all walks of life - some very artsy and folksy, and some just like me. I got the inside scoop on activites for us, upcoming South Sutter sponsered things, things that I missed the dead line for like Montrey Aquarium HS days. I learned about ART BEAST.

It kind of reminds me of the ARt Center back in Lawrence. Miriam would be very much at home there. Maybe she needs to ask Linda about travel money to check it out. HINT HINT!!!!!

I think we are going to Reno Balloon Festival in a couple weeks.

We will be headed to Levi'sGRANFONDO This one is for Scott. He will ride in his first "non race" event in years. It will be exactly 51 weeks to the day of his colon perforating and getting sepsis. What a way to celebrate life again.

I have contacted the ES to get us signed up for a day at Sutter Fort. Not sure how I will do but we will spend the day living like they did when this area was founded making butter, blacksmithing etc. It is a family activity so we ALL will be dressing in period costumes and having roles for the day. Haven't mentioned it to SCott yet because we don't have a day set.

We will be going to the railroad museum and going on the Polar Express

I am beginning to understand the whole unschool thing and learning as a process but still part of me believes in tradtional subjects as a basis for life. I used to think unschooling was being lazy and just not wanting to teach your kids. I was wrong. It is about embracing life and learning as you go. I will still stick to a tradtional basis but will be throwing in lots of unschooling so we can experience life as we go.

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