Wednesday, August 26, 2009

had actual text books

Today we finally had Drew's textbooks. What a difference that made. Less meds made it more difficult but I will take more difficult over what I have been dealing with any day. We did English (listening, speaking, writing skills review) Math (basic review of time, money, add, shapes, estimation) We have been doing a unit on maps. I had found a book at a school store that was by Weekly Reader. It is a great book for beginning map skills. Today was in intro to NSEW.

I couldn't imagine being a teacher in a regular classroom that had several kids with ADHD. Keeping Drew on task was a monumental effort. We did make it thru the day with out tears or fights. Candy Corn works wonders for bribes.

Looking at his Math book I can see he has done much of it in Kindergarten so maybe parts of this wll be easy and he will feel some success. He can do time and shapes already. He has a real problem with money.

Tomorrow we tackle what a sentence is. And what a Family is as well as the beginning math (need to go look at that one still) Friday we will tackle some science as well.

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